A Bit of Background

I'm Irv Shapiro AKA Dr. Vax.  I am not an MD or Ph.D. just a guy that enjoys technology.  Over thirty years ago while working at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and specializing in VAX (virtual address extended) computers, an early adopter of virtual memory, I acquired the nickname of Dr. Vax.

The MakeWithTech community I am building focuses on teaching regular people how to use desktop technologies to create, innovate, and build stuff.

This blog captures my love for learning new stuff and communicating it to others. While building businesses, first inside of DEC and then at three startups I founded, I had the opportunity to study topics that range from computer technology to accounting, from education to machine learning, from motivation to organizational dynamics.   Now I will explore topics that tickle my fancy and share my experiences with you.

Retirement is not an end it is a beginning.  It is an opportunity to start a new hobby or even a new part-time career doing something you love.  As my retirement career, I am committed to helping you learn new skills from the exciting "maker" world.   Makers are people that create things.  Things made from wood, from plastic, with electronics, in the kitchen or in the shop.  Much of the joy of becoming a "maker" is sharing your creations with friends, family, children, and grandchildren.

With the explosion of online shops like eBay and Etsy, it is even possible to turn your new hobby into a source of retirement income.

If you enjoy learning, making things, and sharing your creations, you will find this a satisfying destination.

Getting in Touch

Email: drvax@cogitations.com

YouTube: youtube.com/c/makewithtech