Since the early days of the customizer at Thingiverse, handling fonts, modules, CAD files, and images has been difficult. So I am very excited to announce that we have a solution.

Shared Models can now include custom modules, fonts, and files for import.

While you still upload one main SCAD file, you can also upload a ZIP file that contains any additional modules, scripts, fonts, CAD files, or images you want to use with your project. The ZIP file is unzipped with its hierarchy into the same root as the main SCAD file. The main SCAD file is still used with the command line version of OpenSCAD to start the model render.

The extracted files are available to both the preview function and the model generator. In addition, the execution of OpenSCAD is sandboxed to ensure the site's integrity.

We are working on revisions to the U.I. to make the site more end-user friendly. First, the terminology has changed, so end users select a "model template" to generate a model. Model generation now supports STL, 3mf, SVG, and DXF formats. The idea is that sites like Printables provide models while Models @ MakeWithTech provides "model templates" you customize to produce hundreds of variations.

Development of the site is speeding up as I have added staff and anticipate a formal release of V1 after the first of the year. The site's basic capabilities will ALWAYS BE FREE, but more advanced capabilities will require a subscription. In addition to tips via Buy Me a Coffee, available for all Creators, additional future revenue opportunities and revenue sharing is in development. I would be very interested in everyone's ideas in this area.

Please try out the ZIP file support. You can test it with the "test' (this used to be called upload) capability or with the "share" capability.

Feel free to share this announcement with anyone you know that uses OpenSCAD.

All the best.


P.S. I continue to be very interested in ALL feedback. Everything from your software stinks to constructive ideas about enhancing the product and prioritizing the following features.