As I approach the end of two full years producing the DrVAX YouTube channel, which has now expanded into the DrVAX community it was time to give people a look behind the curtain.

As many of my regular viewers know, I spend 40 years in the computer software industry building founding and running technology companies.  Over the past two years I have followed my heart and spend my time learning how to use technology to make stuff and teaching others what I learned.  To do this I built two labs that are expanding into more and more of my basement, one for 3d printing and electronics and the other for woodworking.

On the DrVAX forum, a free discussion group for views of the videos I produce, I published a post with some pictures of my spaces.  You can read more about it by following the link listed below:

The DrVAX discussion group is a free forum where you can discuss making stuff, 3d printing, 3d design and electronics with other DrVAX community members. Follow the link listed above and join today.

Enjoy, and let's continue to learn together.