I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964.  While some retiring boomers are looking forward to playing golf, volunteering at their local church, or spending their time gardening, many of us are not sure what we will do during retirement.  Take at look at the following short video and then read a bit more.

Click here to check out the DrVax YouTube(r) channel.  It is completely free, forever.  Not sure this makes sense for you.  Please keep reading.

If you know where to look, on Internet sites such as YouTube and others, you can gain access to learning anything.   Learning new skills does not only provide engaging vocations and hobbies it also keeps you young.  The LA Times recently published an article highlighting a study from Dr. William Shankle, a neurologist and program director of the Memory and Cognitive Disorders at the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Hospital outlining research that demonstrates a direct association between learning new skills and avoiding Alzheimer's.   Dr. Shankle states in the article "there is a direct association between the amount of lifelong learning and the level of amyloid in people’s brains."  He also states "we have a pretty big window to identify Alzheimer’s Disease while people are functioning normally,” Shankle said. “If we can do that, then we don’t have as much amyloid to remove, and we can preserve that normality of function."

Learning to make stuff is not hard.  You learned to use a computer, didn't you.  Learning to use a 3d printer or a lathe is no harder.

On this site and on the DrVAX YouTube(R) channel I will introduce my fellow boomers to the new world of making stuff using machines at home that sell for under $500, many under $200.  Learn about tuning pens on a desktop wood lathe, printing toys and home accessories on a 3d printer, combining plug together electronics with plastic and wood parts you made.  Give these items as gifts or sell them online.  This is all within your reach.

If you can use Microsoft Office, or a typical web site, then you have the basic skills you need to learn how to be a "maker".  Get started today.

I provide this service for free.  

Yes, it will cost you nothing.  I support the service via advertising and sponsors.

As a future retiree, don't retire, instead retool and reboot the rest of your life as a maker.

P.S. When you watch your first video you may find it intimidating if you haven't been a DIY person in the past.   Give it some time.  Subscribe to the DrVax Youtube(r) channel — it is completely free.  Then check out a couple new videos as I post them.  You will get it.  You can become a "maker".

Click here to check out the DrVax YouTube(r) channel.  It is completely free, forever.