I am very excited to release the second major milestone in the evolution of Models @ MakeWithTech.

In Beta 2, I have added the following features and updates:

- Basic User Profiles are now available from the Account page in support of saved model parameter sets and future subscriptions.

- The ability to save, retrieve and delete model parameter sets. On the Customizer page, there is a new button to "Save/Retrieve Parameters" that pops up a new screen with the ability to name and save a parameter set, reload a parameter set, and delete a parameter set. Parameter sets are unique to your account and to a specific model. They work with models from Thingiverse and uploaded models.

- Many enhancements to the Customizer parser to handle a broader range of models.

- Improved support for the classic Thingiverse library modules.

- Over 100 font variations. The fonts available are listed at the bottom of a model's customizer log file.

- Tooltips on the Search Page Icons

- Better handling of a return to the Search Page from another page. Your previous search and even the line you were on are more reliably maintained.

- The model you clicked on in the left column to retrieve files is now highlighted on the search page and when you return to the page.

- Dark theme is now sticky to your browser. You do not need an account for this to work.

- Mobile preference is now sticky to your browser. You also do not need an account for this to work.

- Plus many more minor bug fixes than I can list here.

If you have a minute, please check out the new features and use this forum or the "Report Bugs and Request Features" link on the right side of the footer to report your observations.

The next major upgrade or the application will add the ability to save your uploaded models on the system --- coming in a few weeks.

All the best.


Models @ MakeWithTech