Over the past few months, 3d printing has been a valuable ally in the fight against Corvid-19 with hobbyists and professionals using 3d printers to produce masks, ear savers, face shields, and even parts for ventilators. Have you ever wondered how 3d Printed parts are designed? Even if you never want to design a part yourself watch this video to learn about computer-aided design (CAD) and why the combination of 3d design and 3d printing is changing the world of manufacturing.

The DrVax YouTube channel features a playlist highlighting popular 3d design tools capable of creating models for 3d printing.  Spend some time watching these videos about TinkerCAD,  FreeCAD, MatterControl and other computer aided design programs to learn how to design and customize your own 3d prints.

3d Printer Design Tools
Learn how to design a model for 3d printing from scratch and how to customize models you download from the Internet by watching the videos in this playlist.