DrVax is continuing our journey with a newly updated brand.

In the early 1980's I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the software services group supporting DEC PDP-11 and DEC VAX/VMS computer systems.  The VAX acronym stands for virtual address extended, and the VMS acronym stands for Virtual Memory System.  The DEC VAX revolutionized a flexible approach to allow computer programs larger than a machine's physical memory, something we take for granted today. During that time, I developed expertise in the internal architecture of these systems, and some of my co-workers joked that I had become "Dr VAX."

When I needed a channel name for my new YouTube channel where I would teach about technology, I thought DrVax would be unique and easy to remember.

There are two problems with the channel name. First, I am not a doctor, a Ph.D. or MD.  Second, little did I anticipate COVID. The VAX in DrVAX is creating confusion with the vaccination debate.  I believe the automated YouTube algorithm is limiting the channel's promotion because of this confusion.

Over the next couple of days, I will rebrand the channel with a new name and logo.  Since the DrVax team is small, basically me, with help from a couple of family members, it will not be practical to change all of the subdomains and links in one instance. So instead, I will change the properties over about 72 hours. After that, the old drvax domains will redirect to the new sites to ensure people can still find familiar locations.

So, what is the new name?  Consistent with the content highlighted on the YouTube Channel, the new name is "Make With Tech."   'Make With Tech" focuses on teaching regular people how to use desktop technologies to create, innovate, and make things that required a factory and a sophisticated team just a few years ago.  Now using technologies available in many cases for just hundreds of dollars, anyone can become a maker.

All the best.