I am excited to announce the first DrVax Open Source community software.  The 3d Printer Utilities are hosted at 3d-printing-utilities (drvax.com)

The 3d printing utilities are designed to assist users of consumer-grade 3d printers in the calibration of their devices. Please head over to the DrVax Discussion server at:https://forum.drvax.com to discuss this application.

This is also an example of using the Web Serial API in javascript with the VUE framework and VUETIFY.  

The initial two utilities provided in this application assist with calibrating FDM 3d printers that use G-Code. A common problem faced by users of 3d printers is finding appropriate software that supports interacting over a USB connection with a 3d printer. The "GCODE USB TERMINAL"provides users of 3d printers with an easy-to-access solution since it runs from both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

These applications are designed for laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. While they may work on a tablet that has USB capabilities I have not tested on tablets.

The source code for these utilities is available at:

Information and tools to enhance your FDM 3d printing experience. - ishapiro/3d-printing-tools